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Brown Dog Candle Company

Concrete Coasters

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A minimal aesthetic coaster to hold your candles, jars, beverages, sculpture-candles, jewelry, bobby-pins, etc.

3.9 in x 3.9 in 

Hand-poured concrete with non-toxic sealer.

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Lodato
Look great, but not functional

I really love the design and size. However, they aren’t designed well for functioning. I think there is some kind of coating on the surface that makes cups stick to it, so when you pick it up it comes with the cup but drops off quickly — within the first week having them, I broke 2. I didn’t realize when I picked up my coffee mug that it was still attached to the cup (I think because there was a bit of liquid at the bottom of the cup) and it fell off pretty quickly because of the weight. The last one I have, I’m still using but have to hold it down to make sure it doesn’t come along with cups. Coasters are meant to catch liquid that might ring around the bottom of a cup, so it’s inevitable that the moisture will cause it to stick because of whatever is sealed on the top surface. A real bummer because I love it otherwise. I understand why you’d put something on the surface to keep it from staining since concrete is porous, but they should reconsider what they’re using to seal it.